JAJA Tequila

An eCommerce redesign for a tequila brand with a big personality.



Created by the founders of Fuck Jerry and pop-duo The Chainsmokers, the JAJA crew created their tequila with the intent of offering a fun, yet premium liquor at an affordable price tag.

JAJA's original website needed a redesign. It was originally one very long landing page, lacking a proper eCommerce experience, inspirational recipes and a story to tell about the company.


UX/UI Designer



Working with Third Party Distributors to Guide Front-End Product Design

JAJA uses a third party distributor, ReserveBar, for all product and merchandise fulfillment.

Working directly with the ReserveBar team to understand the checkout flow that is required as a part of their fulfillment system, I designed product components and detail pages that pull back-end data and images while using custom styling touches.

Interaction Considerations

The JAJA brand is fun and playful, and the interactions and animations needed to reflect this. Through subtle cocktail animations, attractive card flips, seamless carousels and text transformations (just to name a few!), elements are elevated and brand-aligned.

Landscapes Guide Users Down the Page

JAJA's original site caused scroll fatigue; The pages were quite long, and the information was distributed far apart. In approaching the redesign of the About page, I took into consideration that the text blocks needed to be reached fast enough to keep users engaged.

With a strong brand identity already in place, I utilized touched-by-hand landscape graphics to create mountain-like environments that not only guide the user down the page, but also frame elements and enhance the overall brand identity.