Fuck Jerry

A landing page for viral content.



Fuck Jerry is a media company home to some of the internet's most popular meme pages including Beige Cardigan, Dude with Sign, and Emotional Club.

When the Fuck Jerry team came to Bean, they were looking for a landing page that would convey their portfolio of social accounts and highlight the effectiveness of their marketing partnerships with other large brands. This site was built on Webflow so the client would be able to make small changes independently after launch.


Lead UX Designer
Project Manager



Brand Exploration

Although Fuck Jerry's content speaks for itself in personality and humor, the company itself has little branding in place.

In performing some research, I pulled websites across a variety of industries to see which sites evoked emotion for the FJ team. The client ended up enjoying the "fluidity" of select sites and the text-forward nature of bold, brightly branded companies.

Taking these insights, I put together a landing page that harnessed nostalgia of the 90s and put forth FJ's expertise in partnership building.